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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the current state of highway projects in France. In this article, we will provide detailed information on the various autoroute projects, their status, and their potential impact on transportation and the environment. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive resource that outranks other websites and offers valuable insights into the ongoing developments in French highway infrastructure.

The Importance of French Highway Projects

French highway projects play a crucial role in enhancing transportation infrastructure, improving connectivity, and boosting economic growth. These projects aim to address the increasing demand for efficient and sustainable transportation options, while also considering environmental concerns and the need for responsible planning.

The Future of Autoroute69 (A69) - Toulouse to Castres

One of the key autoroute projects in France is the A69, which will connect Toulouse to Castres. Despite opposition from environmental activists and local scientists, the French Ministry of Transport has confirmed that the project will proceed as planned [[SOURCE 1]]. The A69 is expected to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce travel time between Toulouse and Castres, and promote regional development. The construction of this "two times two lanes" highway is set to resume and is projected to be completed by 2025 [[SOURCE 1]].

A104 - Roissy Bypass and Extension

The A104 project, also known as the Roissy bypass, aims to improve connectivity and accessibility to the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. The construction of this new section of the A104, which will connect Méry-sur-Oise to Orgeval, is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 [[SOURCE 1]]. However, the proposed extension of the A104 between Méry-sur-Oise and Orgeval is currently on hold, with no clear timeline for its realization [[SOURCE 1]].

Autoroute Projects with Declaration of Public Utility

Several autoroute projects in France have received a declaration of public utility, indicating their potential for rapid implementation. These projects have undergone public inquiries and are awaiting the necessary approvals and expropriations to commence construction.

A133/A134 - Rouen Eastern Bypass

The A133/A134 project aims to divert traffic, particularly heavy trucks, away from the city center of Rouen. This concessioned autoroute will connect the A28 in the north to the A13-A154 in the south of Rouen. It has been declared of public utility since 2017 and is considered a priority by the Commission Mobilité 21 [[SOURCE 1]].

A154 - Dreux to Orléans

The A154 project, a 90-kilometer concession road connecting Rouen to Orléans via Evreux, Dreux, and Chartres, has obtained a declaration of public utility in 2018. The Commission Mobilité 21 has recommended the continuation of this project, stating that the option of an autoroute is no longer up for discussion [[SOURCE 1]].

A412 - Machilly to Thonon-les-Bains

The A412 autoroute project aims to improve transportation in the Chablais region of Haute-Savoie, south of Lake Geneva. This 16.5-kilometer highway has received a declaration of public utility in 2019, despite opposition from neighboring Geneva due to environmental concerns. The project has been included in the latest report by the Commission Mobilité 21, outlining strategies for 2023-2042 [[SOURCE 1]].

Prioritized Projects

While some autoroute projects are still awaiting a declaration of public utility, they have received positive evaluations from expert commissions, indicating their potential for future implementation.

A31bis - Toul to Luxembourg

The A31bis project, connecting Toul in Meurthe-et-Moselle to the Luxembourg border, is currently undergoing a public consultation process. It has been classified as a priority project by the Commission Mobilité 21, with the northern section between Thionville and Luxembourg recommended for concession construction as soon as possible due to severe traffic conditions [[SOURCE 1]].

A54 - Arles Bypass

The A54 project aims to complete the transit route between Spain and Italy by bypassing the city of Arles in Bouches-du-Rhône. While the project faces challenges due to sensitive natural areas, such as the Camargue Regional Natural Park, it has been classified as a priority by the Commission Mobilité 21. Further studies are recommended to proceed with the declaration of public utility for the Arles bypass [[SOURCE 1]].

A63 - Bordeaux-Salles Widening

The A63 widening project between Bordeaux and Salles is considered necessary to improve access to the Arcachon Basin. The proposed expansion of this 35-kilometer section to "two times three lanes" is currently under consideration, with the option of a concession construction approach. The estimated cost of this project exceeds 300 million euros [[SOURCE 1]].

Suspended Projects

Some autoroute projects in France have been discussed for years but are currently not a priority for implementation.

Lyon Bypass

The long-debated Lyon bypass project, aimed at alleviating congestion and pollution caused by the highway passing through the city center, remains in the preliminary stages. Both the western and eastern bypass options have faced challenges and lack consensus. The proposed "Anneau des sciences," an urban highway connecting research centers in the Lyon metropolitan area, has also been put on hold. The Ministry of Transport has suspended the A46 widening project south of Lyon for further consultations [[SOURCE 1]].

LEO Avignon

The LEO Avignon project, which aims to complete the southern bypass of the Avignon metropolitan area, has faced delays. While it received a declaration of public utility, the project was postponed until after 2030. The Commission Mobilité 21 now recommends conducting new studies to revive the project [[SOURCE 1]].

A56 - Fos-sur-Mer to Salon-de-Provence

The A56 project, a proposed road link between the Fos-sur-Mer port area and the A54 autoroute, has been classified as a priority by the Commission Mobilité 21. However, the focus has shifted towards improving existing roads rather than constructing a new highway [[SOURCE 1]].

A319 - Langres to Vesoul

The A319 project, which has been under consideration for several decades, is no longer considered a priority by the Commission Mobilité 21. The project was previously dismissed by the Ministry of Transport and is unlikely to proceed [[SOURCE 1]].

A147 - Poitiers to Limoges

The A147 project between Poitiers and Limoges has been excluded from the strategic plan for 2023-2042 by the Commission Mobilité 21. The project is recommended for permanent abandonment [[SOURCE 1]].

Bordeaux Bypass

The grand Bordeaux bypass project, aimed at reducing congestion and relieving the city's ring road, was abandoned in 2008. However, discussions on potential alternatives are ongoing, and preliminary studies are being conducted [[SOURCE 1]].


In this comprehensive guide, we have provided detailed information on the current state of autoroute projects in France. From ongoing construction to projects with declarations of public utility and prioritized initiatives, we have covered a wide range of developments. By staying informed about these projects, you can gain valuable insights into the future of French highway infrastructure and its impact on transportation and the environment.


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