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There's nothing quite as boring as sitting in a classroom at a workshop you have to attend and the trainer going on and on for hours on end, right?

In this post I explain how to do itmakes training funand how to make training more engaging.

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The benefits of making workouts unforgettable as a coach

In a world where technology has accustomed us to having instant access to things, this sense of impatience extends to the classroom as well.

Now more than ever, making workshops fun and engaging is a struggle to keep attendees engaged.

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As coaches, a lot of what we do is measured, e.g. through feedback forms and student ratings, and if you're an independent trainer, getting great grades from your students' feedback can mean you'll be invited to more workshops and trainings.

So what can you do to make the training more fun and memorable for the participants? Let me give you 5 key ideas!

1. Use an icebreaker early in the workshop

Whether the workshop participants already know each other or not, it is always worth starting the training with an activity that helps participants relax and break the ice, so to speak.

Popular icebreakers include:

  • hunter and avoider game
  • big lottery draws
  • Activity on both sides of the fence

Using an ice breaker at the beginning of the training is a great way to set the tone for the entire workshop.

It's an opportunity for people to make new friends, chat with colleagues they've never talked to, and have a little fun at the beginning of the session.

ACTION:Be sure to include an icebreaker in your training design (we build icebreakers into most of ours).downloadable and customizable training material packs).

2. Use group activities throughout the workshop

In addition to using an icebreaker at the beginning of your training session, be sure to incorporate standard company training activities into the training as well.

In other words, make sure that the participants in the groups come up with their own solutions.

Making workshops interactive is a very powerful way to bring fun to the classroom.

Well-designed classroom activities will combine learning around the training topic, with opportunities for participants to interact with others and learn by trying out different learning techniques (more on this below in point 6).

action: You may want to download the free 25 Business Training Activities eBook above to include in your training package.

3. Give students a chance to speak

Some students want to be quiet and participate very little. Other attendees love to have a voice, ask questions, and express their opinions and thoughts.

In the downloadable training programs we sell here at Symonds Training, we include (and encourage you to do) activities that include time for group discussion and feedback at the end of each activity.

Group feedback and discussion can be a great platform for those who want to get more out of the training through increased participation and engagement with the content.

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If the group discussion is based on specific activities that convey a key message from the training, then the discussions should always be about one topic.

ACTION:Make sure (as we do) that the activities are followed up with a discussion at the end of the activity.

4. Make sure room conditions are conducive to learning

I've covered this in a few posts before, but I can't reiterate enough that it pays to take into account the conditions and environment you're using for training.

You can read our previous posts at:

  • Which is theThe most effective seating plan for the classroom.
  • to improve learning
  • Solutions to common training day problems

ACTION:Consider visiting the venue once or twice to check on things like key access, seating plans, and the IT department. the equipment works. (You can download ourFree Pre-Workshop Trainer Checklistalso if necessary).

5. Understand how people learn (pedagogy)

Having a basic understanding of how people learn can be extremely helpful when it comes to making training fun.

SomeThe people learnbetter by listening, others through kinesthetic (touch), visually or by reading, writing and repeating. We all learn differently, and often with a combination of the different styles mentioned above.

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So make sure you are not the teacher standing and talking in front of the class during the training! to diversify.

As? You can be sure that you are doing what we do.our instantly downloadable and customizable training programs,ensuring that training plans include:

  • singing lesson time
  • Activities (including group work)
  • Visuals like through powerpoint slides

ACTION: Just make sure that when you create your own training materials, you include a variety of teaching methods. Add the things already mentioned like activities, a well-designed PowerPoint presentation, a student manual, etc.

6. Use well-prepared training materials

While it is possible to improvise and teach by making up the lesson over time, nothing beats well-designed and well-researched training.

A well-prepared training makes the participants enjoy the workshop much more and have fun with it.

Be sure to include the above things, such as a beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation, activities that make the training fun but are also closely related to your course.

I also suggest creating and providing a course certificate and including a student workbook for the student to take notes and refer to after the course.

ACTION: Take the time you need to prepare a training package so that you have a solid package that includes certificates, registration forms, etc.

Or, if necessary, save yourself dozens of hours of research and preparation and simply download one of our packages right away.

7. Use examples that students can relate to from their own lives.

One of the keys to making training fun is to provide examples in your class that participants can really relate to.

Make sure you know your audience!

Knowing your audience is half the battle.

Consider what kind of people will attend the workshop (in terms of their interests and work) and try to include training-related examples that match your audience profile.

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But there are also certain subject areas that most of us can partially identify with. We all like to eat, right? Most of us like to travel for vacation purposes. These topics (if related to training) can also be used.

ACTION:Take just 5 minutes to think about who you are training and how you can tailor the training to that audience.

8. Be enthusiastic whatever the topic - show personality

Be professional, but have fun and your students will have fun.

Also, when you provide training courses, understand the difference between fun and light-hearted.

You want to be funny, but don't try to be funny. In other words, you want attendees to have an enjoyable experience, and if there are a few laughs, that's perfect.

But don't think you have to try to be funny. I mention this because many times I see that I focus too much on being funny and the teacher loses the students.

Just focus on being natural, try to show genuine enthusiasm for what you're teaching (or learn to fake it if you must!), and focus on having a fun workout.

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This is, as we have mentioned several times, a training that uses different teaching methods.

ACTION: Focus on having fun while learning and don't worry too much about trying to be funny.

Also, try to make sure that you are passionate about what you are teaching. As a trainer, consider teaching things that genuinely interest you.

9. Make the objectives clear at the beginning of the training

When designing their own training, some trainers make the mistake of forgetting to make the lesson objectives clear from the start.

The objectives are important because they give students a clear understanding of how the things they will learn fit into the overall workshop/training.

You don't want students to secretly wonder what the heck this or that activity has to do with the course.

Explain the goals right at the start of the day and refer to them if you think it's helpful.

ACTION:Make sure you have 4-5 main objectives listed in your PowerPoint presentation at the beginning of the course.

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