Title: The Top 10 Heartwarming AITA Posts of 2020: Inspiring Stories of Redemption and Growth (2023)


In the digital age, the subreddit r/AmItheAsshole has gained immense popularity for providing a platform to share and seek judgment on non-violent conflicts. It offers a unique catharsis for frustrated moral philosophers and a chance to find closure in arguments that have been bothering us. Among the multitude of posts, the Top 10 upvoted AITA posts of 2020 stand out for their heartwarming nature. Despite the subreddit's name, these stories are consistently devoid of true asshole behavior, offering uplifting tales of redemption, growth, and understanding. Let's dive into these inspiring narratives that remind us of our shared humanity.

  1. UPDATE: AITA for sleeping topless in my bedroom?

In this post, an 18-year-old woman recounts her decision to sleep topless due to subpar apartment temperature conditions. However, her mother's disapproval led to an apparent overreaction. In the update, we discover the real reason behind her mother's reaction, shedding light on a deeper issue and providing relief for everyone involved.

  1. Update: AITA for telling my girlfriend that being depressed is not an excuse for being lazy?

A 29-year-old man describes a fight he had with his girlfriend, who was struggling with depression. He snapped at her, claiming that depression is not an excuse for laziness. In the update, he acknowledges his mistake, apologizes, and pledges to be a better support system for her. Their relationship takes a positive turn as they work together to improve their dynamics.

  1. Update: A month ago I was told I WBTA for not telling a date about my plans to be a single mother, so I told him

This post revolves around a woman's dilemma of whether to inform her new partner about her plans to become a single mother via artificial insemination. The update reveals her decision to communicate her intentions and the subsequent impact on their relationship. It offers insight into the complexities of starting a family and navigating personal choices.

  1. AITA for switching to regular milk to prove my lactose intolerant roommate keeps stealing from me?

A roommate suspects one of their housemates of pilfering their food and milk. In an attempt to catch the culprit, they switch their lactose-free milk with regular milk. This post delves into the challenges of communal living and the lengths people go to address conflicts.

  1. AITA—Telling my parents to pay me back my college tuition if they want a relationship

A woman shares her resentment towards her parents, who paid for her brothers' college expenses but refused to support her due to traditional gender roles. Now married and pregnant, she grapples with the decision of reconnecting with her parents. This post explores familial expectations, gender disparities, and the pursuit of personal dreams.

  1. Update: AITA for not sharing my medical history before being pranked?

This heartbreaking post reveals the mistreatment of an individual actively managing their schizophrenia. Their friends unknowingly played a prank that profoundly affected their well-being. In the update, we witness a heartwarming resolution and a renewed sense of understanding.

  1. Update: WIBTA For planting prickly bushes in my front yard to keep the neighbor's kids from my property?

A frustrated townhome renter resorts to planting prickly bushes to deter their neighbors' children from trespassing onto their property. This post highlights the challenges of boundary-setting and the creative solutions people employ when confronted with persistent intrusions.

  1. AITA for punishing my son after he said something racist?

A mother faces the difficult task of addressing her 13-year-old son's racist comment towards their Chinese delivery driver. This post delves into the consequences of racist behavior, the role of parenting in shaping values, and the importance of education and empathy.

  1. Update: WIBTA if I took over planning my own funeral from my very religious parents?

A young woman, facing a terminal illness, desires to plan her funeral in a way that reflects her unique personality and preferences. However, her religious parents hold differing views on how the funeral should be conducted. This post explores the delicate balance between personal autonomy and familial expectations, highlighting the importance of open communication and understanding.

  1. AITA For suing my girlfriend after she had my 1967 Impala project taken to the scrapyard?

This post narrates a betrayal of trust, as a girlfriend takes away her partner's beloved Chevy Impala project without his knowledge. The ensuing legal battle raises questions about personal property, respect within relationships, and the pursuit of justice.


The Top 10 heartwarming AITA posts of 2020 exemplify the power of self-reflection, growth, and understanding. These stories provide valuable lessons on empathy, communication, and the complexities of human relationships. As we delve into these narratives, we are reminded that even in the most challenging situations, redemption and growth are always possible.


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